2021 Tournaments:


HHIAGA Amateur & Senior Championship
July 17 and July 18
17th Golden Bear - 18th The Golf Club
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2021 HHIAGA Four Ball
August 28 & 29
Moss Creek North / Moss Creek South
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Rules & Regulations

Rule 6-7 states, in part:  "The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines that the committee may establish (all players will recieve HHIAGA pace of play policy definition sheet prior to tee off at all tournaments) and thereafter prescribes penalties for slow play.  In order to prevent any such penalty, we suggest that you review carefully the complete definition sheet you will recieve at each tournament.

NOTE:  The committee reserves the right, at any time, to time a group when deemed necessary.  Further, if a player is determined by the committee to be unreasonably slow, he may be timed individually at the committee's discretion regardless of whether his group is out of position.  Players should also be aware that the committee may assess a "bad time" to a player in a group which is out of position if the player makes no effort to help his group get back in position.  Examples of this would be a player that delays play between shots or holes.

Any/all additional rulings, including pace of play, will be determined by the committee and will be governed by the 2019 USGA rules and regulations of golf guidelines.  Committee:  Scott Stilwell, Bob Collar, John Farrel, golf professional at hosting club and SCGA director Biff Lathrop.


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